DMS - ECM - Document-Management and Collaboration platform

Odoo - ERP - CRM - CMS

Browser based and modular business solution which adjusts to your company via apps.


Email and communication solution for your company, easy handling in the browser or the desktop client

Hosting of your business-solution!

You don't need it: to buy Odoo - to buy Alfresco - to buy Zimbra. And if you need an enterprise version of Odoo, the enterprise version of Alfresco or the Enterprise version of Zimbra after all we are happy to help. 

Easy in any case: Login and use. StartUp your IT!

Hosting in Germany and SSL! With IT IS you know exaclty where your data is. Due to our own data-center in Germany, your data is secure. With SSL you can secure your and your customers data while transfered in the internet. SSL-Certificates encrypt all informations for the data-exchange to prevent reading them by third-parties. No matter if we are talking about your webseite, online-shop or your business-solution, this additional security is creating confidence for your employees and customers.
Businesses want to grow. Your IT-solutions should match to your requirements and growth too. With our business-solutions we can always reach exactly the level you need. No matter if you need additional functionality within the software or storage-space or data-volume for your hosting. Your IT will be adjusted to your needs!
On a virtual server Odoo, Alfresco and Zimbra Hosting on virtual server (VM) - the perfect and cheap way to host software. A dedicated server mans, your solution will be hosted on hardware. VM  means that you are hosted in a virtual environment. With a VM several VM-server are shared on an ensured hardware-ressource of a physical server. This is achieved by a specialized software. Due to this possibilies, a virtual server is very flexible and can be provided by a favourable price.
We manage your personal dedicated server with Odoo, Alfresco or Zimbra. You do not either need to buy Odoo nor to buy Alfresco or buy Zimbra because it is already included in our hosting. You also don't have to install Odoo or install Alfresco, because we already did.

You can focus upon your company and to use Alfresco, use Odoo or use Zimbra there. There is real hardware with all its resources available at your dedicated server. Unlike a virtual machine you don't share the resources of the server - here you get 100 % of the assured hardware.
Rent a dedicated server now!

Backup & Monitoring

We manage and trace your systems

SSL - for more security

Secure data-transfer in the internet

operational system of your choice

We offer hosting on Linux or Windows


Traffic according your requirements     

SSD power                               

Powerful servers with SSD

Service Level Agreement

You select the service-level of your choice

IT IS Hosting - Fast, secure, Powerful

Based on latest technology and steady updates, we offer best performance and full-service when it comes to hosting of your business-solution. Your satisfaction is our goal.


from 707monthly
  • Document-Management
  • Portal • Share • DMS • ECM
  • on VM or dedicated server


 from 3 94 monthly  
  • Full business-solution
  • ERP • MRP • CRM • SHOP • CMS
  • on VM or dedicated server


from 707monthly
  • Mail- and Groupware
  • Browser and Offline-Client
  • on VM or dedicated server


product Knowledge - more than just hosting

With  Alfresco, Odoo and Zimbra you have all tools to run a business. We are not only systems service provider but also specialists for the offered products. Thus we can offer you the safe operation of your solution and lend you our support as experts for questions about the respective solution. 

We provide Odoo in each version from Odoo 8. Of course you always get the newest code status. We are experts for odoo and also offer a complete  implementation, implementation, adjustment, training and much more for Odoo. If you buy Odoo, we are the right counterpart as your Odoo partner regarding all questions about Odoo.
Zimbra provides in the standard an easy and comfortable ability to manage your company internal communication via email. You don't even need a internet connection or a browser. If needed, Zimbra can do a lot more for the communication inside your company. We would be happy to show you the great possibilities you gain if you buy Zimbra, host Zimbra and at the Zimbra download. 
Find out more about Zimbra